Vision Statement:

For the children to become emotionally stable, happy, healthy, law-abiding, productive adults.

Mission Statement:

Empower Dads to impact their children's lives culturally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Our Founder

ATTORNEY JERMAINE A. WYRICK has been licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan since 1997. I started this practice because of my own existential crisis. Hence, this gives me a compelling impetus to advocate for bonded, capable, and loving dads who are not "deadbeats." I am strongly dedicated to Shared Parenting. Due to the gender bias disparity that exists in family court and the social problems that derive therefrom, this gives me a "kinship" for bonded, capable, and loving fathers who are not "deadbeats". I am strongly committed to shared parenting.

The Firm

"Equal justice under the law" representation for fathers so they win as "parents", as opposed to losing and becoming "visitors", or worse, "strangers".